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Classic 3D marble rolling game. Test your skills.

In the grand tradition of Marble Madness and Super Monkey Ball, Neverball has you guide a rolling ball through dangerous territory. Balance on narrow bridges, navigate mazes, ride moving platforms, and dodge pushers and shovers to get to the goal. Race against the clock to collect coins to earn extra balls.

Control the ball with the accelerometer. Swipe from right to left over the bottom bezel to go to the previous menu, pause, exit game. Swipe down from the top bezel to switch camera mode. See game help for more information on rules, controls, modes and tricks.

!!! READ THIS !!! Some users reported that they had experienced lags/freezes during gameplay. If you are affected try close other applications, reboot your PlayBook™. If nothing of this helps, please be patient, fix will come with the next update.